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“The Wild Image Project photos are both beautiful, and inspirational. They transport those who see them into the natural world, encouraging people to seek out an adventures of their own. Our goal with PlanetExplore is to serve as a portal to the outdoors that will provide the tools and resources necessary for people to embark on these adventures, while creating a connection to nature that is meaningful to them. Daniel’s stories and photos epitomize this connection, and we are truly honored to share his adventures with you on PlanetExplore.com”

Brook Shinsky, Outdoor Participation Manager for The North Face

“I follow in the footsteps of my childhood heros, David Attenborough, Jim Fowler & Jacques Cousteau, traveling Earth’s remote places. My lifelong passion for adventure and nature, and my commitment to inspire change and improving lives have led me to create The Wild Image Project, with for mission to motivate others and alter their perspective on global issues by aesthetically presenting information and ideas that stimulate engagement, involvement and transformation.” Daniel Fox

Fox is a member of the Explorers Club in New York, of the Royal Geographical Society in London, an ETE (Education Through Exploration) Ambassador, a Blue Project Ambassador and a Planet Explore Visionary (a The North Face initiative that promotes the outdoors)

He is currently planning a 6-year around-the-world sailing expedition called “The E.P.I.C. Expedition”. Besides writing for the Wild Image Project, Daniel also writes for Extreme & Polar Islands Conservation.

When not in the field or behind the desk, Fox also gives talks about our relationship with nature. You can read one of his presentations here.

You can find him on Behance, LinkedIn, Facebook, Vimeo, and follow him on his two Twitter accounts @TheWildImage and @EPIConservation


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Lumpywaters Symposium Day 1

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Lumpywaters Symposium Day 2

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