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Yusuf Burgess, or Brother Yusuf as he is affectionately referred to by most, is a pioneer in the area of youth development and environmental education; he has and continues to be in the forefront of creating opportunities for youth to learn about and become integrated into Green initiatives.
Brother Yusuf serves as the current Chairperson of the Environmental Awareness Network for Diversity in Conservation (EANDC) and is a member of the Board of Directors for the Children and Nature Network ( www.childrenandnature.org ). He is a former Gang Prevention Coordinator for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. He is a founding member of the New York State Outdoor Education Association Diversity Committee and a member of the Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks.
A friend and mentor to many youth from elementary school to college, his commitment to environmental awareness and efforts to create better alternatives for urban youth have helped countless youth to realize the connection between their actions and the quality of life in their communities. He has a mission to encourage a connection of youth to nature and to broaden the scope of their awareness and pursuit of Green employment. Part of his approach is to take underserved youth on camping, boating, hunting, fishing, fly fishing, hiking, and skiing excursions. Getting them involved in pursuits that take them outside the often-constricting worlds they live in.
He is a graduate of the Leadership Training Institute of Hofstra College, NY and is currently pursuing a course of instruction in Environmental Education and Urban Planning at the New York State Empire College.
Brother Yusuf lives in Upstate New York in the Albany Arbor Hill Historic Community. Living in walking distance from the Hudson River, you can often find Yusuf paddling his bright yellow kayak on the river or riding the bicycle path in partnership with his wife of 40 years.


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Xbox Detox: Brother Yusuf has a Message for Urban Teens: Log off, hang up, get out!


Gentlemen, everybody grab a tool, Brother Yusuf Burgess instructs the 15 teenagers gathered in a semicircle around him. We’re standing


Exploring nearby Nature at NYC’s Swindler Cove Park

Swindler Cove Park is a 5-acre park created by the New York Restoration Project in northern Manhattan on the site


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